Our Happy Customers

Our Happy Customers Of Mysore To Bangalore Cabs

Customer service plays a key role in any service providing businesses. A friendly customer care service always helps in getting the business. The way of interaction with the customer wins half of the business. The speed at which an executive responds to the email or call decides the quality of the customer service and service provider. Especially in the travel business or taxi services, customer care is very essential to have a good booking experience. A quick and responsive customer care team will make your travel easy.

Like most of the online taxi service portals, we also have a very good customer service team. They are well experienced, multi-linguistic and professionals. Unlike the online taxi service portal, our executives are available for direct human interaction. Our support team is under the direct supervision of our CEO himself.  They are very experienced in this field and are ready to answer and clear any of your questions or doubts. They know how to handle any confusion or hassles without causing any kind of disturbance to the travel of the customers. Our executives are quick and responsive. The guest won’t have to wait for too long to get a response from us.

Our customer support team works 24×7 in order to ensure customer satisfaction. We have a separate team to supervise the vehicle’s condition, appoint verified and trustworthy drivers so that one can have safe travel from Bangalore to Mysore. They constantly keep checking the drivers and customers for the sake of having a better travel experience.  Any kind of hassles or unwanted situation will be handled and cleared quickly and with care.


  • Constant supervision of the vehicle quality.
  • Multi linguistic and responsive customer support.
  • Support team working 24×7.
  • Safe, Reliable, and Professional Drivers.
  • Constant tracking and checking the vehicle location.

Contact us to check the team’s response and reply time for easy cab booking from Mysore to Bangalore or vice versa.